Sus eng


by Andreas Sahl Andersen, Falco Pols & Alex Andropoulos

Opening 15 December at 2pm
16.12.18 - 02.02.19
Open every day 10am - 5pm

This exhibition requires your time and sensious attention. What can at first seem like stationary installations, on the contrary, is slowly moving systems that suddenly create instantaneous audio and light experiences. Here you can explore with all senses the many small spaces and the area between the bunkers and experience the results of a long-term cooperation between the three young European artists Andreas Sahl Andersen (DK), Alex Andropoulos (GR) and Falco Pols (NL).

The title "Sus" is in several ways descriptive of the exhibition, which is created especially for Oddesund. "Sus" is a Danish word for the sound of the wind's rapid motion. A sound that is prominent with the art centre’s location in the middle of the wind over the Limfjord. The artistic process of creating the exhibition has also been a rapidly evolving blow. Plans and sketches have been developing for months, but exactly where it would end, nobody knew when the artists started 14 days before the opening. And at the center of the experiment is the task of creating an experience for you. In other words, to give the visitor a rush, or a “sus”.