Vinyl terror & horror en


 by Vinyl -terror & -horror

Opened September 29th
09.30.18 - 11.11.18
Every day 10am - 5pm


When we listen to music, we typically do not think about the technical source of our experience. But this is, among other things, what Vinyl-Terror & -Horror is interested in. By smashing and terrorizing the music they work with, they develop our experience of it. They create disturbances that make us aware of the source of our experiences. 

At Regelbau 411, Vinyl-Terror & Horror has decided to reverse the way they usually work. Instead of smashing vinyls, they record the vinyls they have already smashed.

For example, they have shot a vinyl record with a Beethoven sonate. The sound that comes from playing the record, shot to pieces, has been rewritten into musical notes. Then they have hired professional musicians to record the random fragments of music. In this way, they create new well-produced music, but with a content quite different from the typical earworms of the radio.

"For 15 years, we have processed and smashed the vinyl media in every imaginable way: Turntables have been modified and records have been sown up and glued beyond recognition. Now is the time to 'repair' and restore,” the artists say about the exhibition.

Vinyl -Terror & -Horror consists of the two Danish artists Camilla Sørensen and Greta Christensen, who live and work in Berlin. They met at the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts in Copenhagen in the early '00s , where they began to explore the sphere between music and visual arts.